“Make a wish for a better world” poster

A Better World By Design conference

A Better World By Design is a three-day international conference —held annually at Brown University & Rhode Island School of Design campuses in Providence, RI— that connects students, professionals, and individuals from a variety of disciplines in order to build a global community of socially conscious and passionate innovators.

As a guest panelist for the 2009 conference, Natacha Poggio had the privilege of contributing this poster to raise funds for Better x Design’s student Seed Fund for student research and collaboration. A limited edition of 30 posters (24 x 36 inches) was printed for each of the speaker/panelist contributors (who also included: Nathan Shedroff,  William Drenttel, Scott Stowell, Debbie Millman, Lucy Hitchcock, Krzystof Lenk, Tom Wedell, Nancy Skolos, and Willem Van Lancker).

  • Concept

    When I was a child I used to wish on dandelions, picking these tantalizing puffballs and blowing the parachutes off the stalk, wondering how far the seeds would go. The dandelion is one of nature’s best designed plants, completely edible, it overcomes adverse conditions, with its seeds traveling for miles and adapting to most regions of the world. The dandelion represents to me ambitions and dreams for a better world, a symbol for hope. Like seeds being blown into the wind, A Better World By Design conference represents the propagation of ideas, spreading opportunities for collaboration, engagement, development, and a more united community. In this poster, I am using the metaphor of the dandelion to spread ideas that relate to renewable energies, sustainable technologies and practices –important topics of discussion at the conference.

Client:Better x Design Seed Fund
Role:Art direction and design